What is the key to fearless speaking
What is the key to fearless speaking
What is the key to fearless speaking

Does the Fear of Public Speaking Hold You Back From…

  • Presenting to a large audience?
  • Giving your opinion at meetings?
  • Reporting to your superiors?
  • Promoting your book?
  • Marketing your new business?
  • Stepping into leadership roles?

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Learn to Speak With Presence, Connection, and Authenticity


The secret to relaxed and confident speaking is being present and connected to who you truly are.

I once suffered from stage fright and kept this fear hidden. On my journey to conquer fear, I realized that I was disconnected from my authentic self. I now combine my personal experience overcoming public speaking anxiety with my years as a Psychologist and Training Director of Speaking Circles® International. As a Mindfulness Coach I add to this expertise to bring you my life changing Essential Speaking programs.

My Signature 7-Step program safely guides you through your fear to a natural and powerful inner core. You will be able to find a calm, quiet center from which to speak. The tips for grounding yourself and the practical tools you receive can be applied immediately.

You can achieve the kind of genuine presence where you will radiate confidence, engage your listeners, be yourself, and speak without fear anytime, anywhere.

Here Are Some Ways We Can Work Together…

private sessions

Private Sessions

Meet in person or Skype for coaching or in-depth psychotherapy to explore what limits you from speaking up and how to free yourself from fear.

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group trainings


Join others in Speaking Circles®, workshops, and leadership trainings to learn how to dissolve fear and be confident whenever you speak.

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online programs

Online Programs

No-fee monthly Teleclasses. Fearless Speaking E-Course with guidance, instructional videos, and exercises to complete on your own time.

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Doreen’s Videos

Doreen introduces you to Essential Speaking, her system that teaches you how to face the fear of speaking and find your real voice. When you are confident to speak your truth, you can express yourself fearlessly in your work and personal life.

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“The most important asset you possess is your authentic voice…”

Doreen Hamilton, Ph.D.

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