You can
without fear!

You can

without fear!

You can

without fear!

Connection. Authenticity. Confidence.

Do you have public speaking anxiety and think you will…

  • Fall apart and not control your nerves?
  • Shake, turn red, perspire and quiver?
  • Lose your way, forget your words or go blank?
  • Look stupid, sound boring or fail altogether?

Does your public speaking anxiety…

  • Hold you back in your career?
  • Stop you from taking professional risks?
  • Limit your true amazing potential?
  • Stand in the way of a fulfilling relationship?

Find your Voice, Change your Life…

With my 7-Step coaching programs I safely guide you through your fear so you can…

  • Reach a calm, centered, and powerful inner core
  • Be your true self and speak with ease
  • Engage your listeners and radiate confidence



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Self-guided Courses

Doreen will help you transform your fear…
and give you the path to access your true voice and power.

– Mike Robbins, Speaker, Author, Coach

I’ve tried hypnosis, CBT, beta blockers, meditation, avoidance, memorization & more. None has helped as much as Doreen.

– Amanda Kim, Writer

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Mondays 4pm or Thursdays 12pm (PT)
Speaking Circles® on Zoom
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Anxiety Expert Showcase
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Coaching Programs

Online, Ongoing
Individual Coaching Program
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Online, Starting February 1, 2021
Group Coaching Program
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