Finding Flow When Speaking in Public

Find Your Voice and Your Words Will Flow

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Flow and Public Speaking What’s flow… and how can you apply “flow” to speaking in public? Well, let’s start with what it’s not. Flow is not… … worrying about the future and how you might fail when presenting a report. … agonizing about the past and how you didn’t live up to your expectations. … thinking about the present and how you are being judged for every word. … and, flow is not about being tangled up and overcome by…

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Essential Speaking Podcast with Doreen Hamilton, Ph.D 

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Public Speaking is not about Performing Listen to Louise Reid ask me questions about Essential Speaking. You will be inspired to learn that overcoming the fear of speaking is not about performance techniques. I believe to dissolve the fear of public speaking, you need to go on a journey of self-discovery. Here is where you face your fear and uproot the hold it has on you. The underlying causes of your anxiety are released and you are able to finally…

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Journey to Your Real Self and Speak Authentically

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Essential Speaking Programs Can Lead You to Your Real Self –

Have you been longing for a deeper connection to your real self? Your heart, mind, and soul may beckon you toward a path that can lead you to speak authentically. In the programs offered by The Essential Speaking Institute, you will find an innovative process that not only dissolves stage fright, but will empower you to be true to who you essentially are.

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Genuine Presence: The Key to Speaking Without Fear

Genuine Presence: The Key to Speaking Without Fear

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The key to speaking without fear is learning how to be genuine and fully present in the moment. I find that many people are afraid of being themselves in front of others, often for fear of being judged. To deal with that fear, they anxiously focus on trying to figure out the perfect thing to say, or the perfect script and speaking techniques, when presenting to a group. “I have to know what I have to say,” “I’m going to…

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Speak Without Fear

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Programs offered by The Essential Speaking Institute are designed to inspire you to find the power of your real voice, speak without fear, and make the changes you deeply desire. I enjoy sharing with you all that I have learned about speaking without fear. Having suffered from stage fright myself, I’ve traveled the same path you may be on. I know from my own experience how fright can show up in a body. Heart palpitations, cold sweats, dry mouth, and…

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How to be an Authentic Speaker – Coaching for Professionals

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Make A Connection Recently I took the opportunity to remind a group of professional speakers that being a powerful and authentic speaker is not so much about what they have to say, it’s more about the connection they can make with their listeners. These professionals, enrolled in the Speakers Academy sponsored by the National Speakers Association, are eager to learn platform skills so they can effectively deliver their messages to their audiences. I was honored to be invited to coach…

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Dare to Be Real When Speaking in Public

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Are You Real When Speaking in Public? “Dare to let the real you shine through” is the message by Teresa Tayag, Trainer, Speaker, Public Speaking Coach and blog author of Let the Real You Shine Through. I agree with Teresa that to be real when speaking in public is the biggest commitment you can make to yourself and to your audience. Most conventional guidance given to speakers is about performance, looking good, and putting on an act with all the…

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3 P’s of Authentic Speaking: Passion, Personality and Play

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Today I found an article related to authentic speaking by Teresa Tayag, Trainer, Speaker, Public Speaking Coach from “Let the Real You Shine Through.” Teresa writes… “Public speaking has been a very intimidating pursuit for many. Experienced speakers have established countless forbidding guidelines that make many aspiring speakers cringe and at times, give up. The gurus have dictated their defined “rules” as if they are proven scientific facts: the way a speaker looks, the way a speaker moves, the way…

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Drawing of a Heart as pure joy

The True Self as Speaker

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Your True Self is a Powerful Communicator Most people who have a fear of speaking in public can not begin to imagine that they could ever be their true self and speak in front of others. But the most powerful communicators are ones that can be absolutely authentic and even vulnerable as they reveal who they are and what they have to offer. Commitment to being authentic is this kind of speaker that I want to help cultivate in the…

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SpeakingQuest: Journey to Your Authentic Self

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Week-long retreat in Molokai, Hawaii Facilitated by Doreen Hamilton and Katherine Mapes-Resnik When: October 10-16, 2009 Where: Island of Molokai, Hawaii Information: SpeakingQuest retreats combine the excitement of travel with the satisfaction of personal discovery. • Discover the confidence to express yourself easily in all areas of life • Develop the art of listening and speaking from your heart • Learn how to deepen intimate connections with others Activities include Speaking Circles®, storytelling, art, creative writing, nature walks, ancient…

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