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Are you Hiding or Welcoming Your Authentic Self?

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Are you Hiding Your Authentic Self? Many people are simply too afraid to even face their public speaking anxieties. They can and do avoid the spotlight for years. The truth is that the beautiful and natural Essential Self within never gets to come out from hiding. It never learns to dance and play and sing because it might be judged. Let’s extend an invitation and welcome the authentic self, your most powerful inner resource, out into a new world. You…

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Essential Speaking Podcast with Doreen Hamilton, Ph.D 

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Public Speaking is not about Performing Listen to Louise Reid ask me questions about Essential Speaking. You will be inspired to learn that overcoming the fear of speaking is not about performance techniques. I believe to dissolve the fear of public speaking, you need to go on a journey of self-discovery. Here is where you face your fear and uproot the hold it has on you. The underlying causes of your anxiety are released and you are able to finally…

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SpeakingQuest: Journey to Your Authentic Self

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Week-long retreat in Molokai, Hawaii Facilitated by Doreen Hamilton and Katherine Mapes-Resnik When: October 10-16, 2009 Where: Island of Molokai, Hawaii Information: SpeakingQuest retreats combine the excitement of travel with the satisfaction of personal discovery. • Discover the confidence to express yourself easily in all areas of life • Develop the art of listening and speaking from your heart • Learn how to deepen intimate connections with others Activities include Speaking Circles®, storytelling, art, creative writing, nature walks, ancient…

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The Essential Speaking Book

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Learn How to Speak Authentically in Any Situation Essential Speaking is about being open, present, and genuinely connected to others whenever you speak. My book, Essential Speaking: The 7 Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice  is a practical guide that will lead readers to a deep confidence to speak authentically in any situation, whether in front of large groups or with just one other person. Full Presence and True Connection My approach focuses on full presence and true connection…

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