Your public speaking anxiety may have deep roots…and here’s why:

When you were young and ever so tender, your ability to freely express yourself may have been stunted.

If so, to develop a strong and resilient sense of being safe whenever you speak is compromised…

…and childhood memories of criticism, judgement, bullying, humiliation, and/or shame persist.

You may not have had the internal resources or the external support to heal the emotional injuries at such a young age. You had to move on in life, grow up, find ways to fit in and be accepted.

But buried within you are memories loaded with negative associations…like stains on your sense of self. Some of these moments are even beyond recall.

Being yourself and speaking in front of others becomes fraught with insecurities as you grow up. It persists into adulthood because, like any injury that is not properly cared for, festers.

Your negative memories are like tangled wires running through your body.

As an adult, these anxiety wires are triggered when you have to speak in public. Nerves quiver, voice shakes, mind goes blank…

…and the fear is that your anxiety will hijack you… make it difficult or impossible to be yourself.

How to Uproot your Public Speaking Anxiety

You can rewire your brain and your body.


If you want to overcome your fear of speaking, you must find a new way to be gentle with your anxiety.

First, imagine that you are embracing your anxiety. Perhaps it has served to protect you in some ways. So be kind to this part of yourself.

What does she/he need from you now?

After all, the “wounds” most likely happened when you were very young. Now, you can have a conversation with the youngster inside who has carried those hurtful memories.

I like the image of “melting” your anxiety as opposed to conquering it because the latter implies a battle.

You might say that this softer approach to dissolving anxiety is an inside job.

To start, you will need to identify, tap into, and claim your Essential Inner Voice. This is the arena where your passion and your true strength lies.

What are those Essential qualities of your spirit and your soul that exists within your core being?

The lessons I teach give you the skills to identify, tap into, and claim your Essential Inner Voice and solidify your connection to your Essential Self.

When you find your voice, you can change your life!

Overcome your Speaking Anxiety Now

A coaching client wrote this about his work with me…

“From the first meeting with Doreen, I knew that I had tapped into a process that is profound. Her 7-Step Guide to Fearless Speaking helped me discover where my public speaking anxiety comes from. Doreen’s gentle inquiry and guidance led me to discover a deep and resonant connection with my inner self. Connecting with my core strengths opened up a world of possibility, potential, and power.”

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