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You Can Be Yourself and Speak Without Fear

Fearless speaking takes confidence to express yourself and speak in any situation. It is liberating. When you know who you are, then a strength from within guides and supports you as you face life’s daily challenges. You can be more genuine in all of your communications. Not only can you accept a new promotion that requires you to give presentations to large audiences, you can also share more of your tender vulnerability with your loved ones. Whether in business or in intimate settings, your communications can be delivered in a more genuine and powerful way.

Fearless Speaking is The Key to Happiness

It is no secret that being comfortable with who you are are is one key to happiness. But what is the relationship between being yourself and fearless speaking? Well, in creating happiness that is authentic and sustainable, you will continually need to

  • Speak up
  • Make requests
  • Articulate your needs
  • Reveal your feelings in an honest manner

In other words, it is your interactions with others and how you speak to them that either opens doors to a happier and more fulfilling existence or blocks you from moving forward in your life and accomplishing your dreams.

Fearless Speaking Gets Results

Fearless speaking is being able to step into any interaction and say the words that are needed in order for you to be heard and get the results you desire. But if you are afraid that you will be judged or criticized, and you hold yourself back from expressing your true beliefs, desires, and feelings, then the real you is hiding in the shadows of your own making. When you can speak without fear, you will be able to

  • Confront those who might otherwise intimidate you
  • Give any kind of presentation to any kind of audience
  • Ask for a deserved promotion or raise in your salary
  • Offer your point of view during a project meeting
  • Let your friends know how much you need them
  • Tell your loved ones how precious they are to you

Doreen’s Essential Speaking Tip:

You can continue this list with examples from your own life. Ask yourself how it is that being yourself could lead you to speaking without fear. What changes could be made in your life if you were not afraid to speak? Imagine the most amazing results that will take place in your every day life when you are a fearless speaker and ask yourself if you truly desire these results?

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