Stillness: The Key to Public Speaking Ease

Do you know the secret to relaxed public speaking?

Relaxed public speaking is possible when you can be at ease with silence.

In this video, Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles International, demonstrates the power of silence when you are in front of an audience.

You might ask, “How is it possible that a silent inner stillness is what reduces public speaking anxiety?”

The answer to how inner silence grounds you and makes you less anxious is in the video.

Lee shows you how to stand in all of your quiet, powerful brilliance… even when there are no words to be spoken.

It’s one of the seven pillars to fearless public speaking.

If you would like to master this ability to be at ease with silence, you can practice in your daily conversations… or in a Speaking Circle.

In these safe, supportive, and small group environments we put a priority on how you can tap into the essence of stillness… and get comfortable with silence.

When you are finally able to stand in silence, without anxiety, your words will come from a relaxed and confident you. Your words will seem to bubble up from within you… as if they arise out of your core.

To learn to be confident with silence when speaking, join me in a Speaking Circle:

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