The day of my wedding I wanted everything to be perfect:

Perfect Man
Perfect Location
Perfect Dress
Perfect Ceremony
Perfect Planner

All checked off the list but then…

As I stood outside the church and the doors opened, the music I was supposed to walk down the aisle did not start to play. What to do? Wait or start walking?

Breathing Space

I know this seems like such a tiny detail, but stepping on the stage of this life moment was a dream I carried since the days of reading Cinderella. Something was wrong with the sound system.

So I stood there for a long pause. Yes, it was a long pause, but I relaxed into that still moment and in that silence, my family, my friends, and I shared something profound. It was one of the deepest and most meaningful experiences of my life.

They say, stop and smell the roses. I stopped and luxuriated in the love that was surrounding me.

And, yes… the perfect song did start to play… eventually.

Looking back, I’m grateful for that pause. It added another sweet memory to our special day.

I think that’s perfect.



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